Context of the book “her perfect addiction.”

Context of the book “her perfect addiction.”

This book is about a young lady who wants to live her life to the fullest and wants to have fun in her life. The girl’s name is Cali Jenner. One morning she wakes up and finds out that she has supernatural energies. There is a unique government school for such people. She was forced to go to the diamond institute. That school is filled with brats who are arrogant. As she will have to be bound to stay at school, she is not happy. She promised herself to leave the school by hook or by crook. A guy named Miquel seemed like a god to her and all the people there. She met him, you can call him evil or cold-hearted, but he doesn’t care. All he wants is not to entangle with him. All the people there warned Cali to stay away from him. But Cali fell for him as she was attracted to him. Eventually, she fell into his trap. This book, her perfect addiction, has 37 chapters and is written by faith lucky. Let’s look at the details below.

Chapter 1

In the first chapter, it is stated that Cali wakes up from the blaring sound of her morning alarm. She turns off the alarm and goes to sleep again. She heard someone calling her name and felt someone’s annoying hands tapping her. He was his brother Owens. He said you are still sleeping. It’s going late for school. She walked out of the room and through a pillow at his brother Owens. She is four years older than him. She stood in front of the mirror and wondered if she had overslept. She wore the uniform, shoes, and stockings. She is 17 and looks 20 years old but has big boobs and wide hips. She thinks she is pretty, and most ladies envy him because of his body shape. She walked down, and her mom, dad, and Owens had already had breakfast. Her mother gave her some beans to eat. She said that she had a slight headache. Owens asked her if her birthday was coming soon and where she would take him. She told her mom that she would eat in school. She felt the pain again in his head after discussing the birthday treat and left for school.

Chapter 2

After reaching school, she headed toward the class and took a seat. She is still feeling the headache. The noises seemed to be double to her. Suddenly Andrea tapped him and asked him if she was alright. She was the devil for her. She was asking her with a smirked smile. She told me not to irritate her and covered her face again. Andrea was starting to say something else suddenly the biology teacher came in. She heard the word bitch from Andrea as she was walking away. If you want to read the full story of Cali, her superpowers, and the addiction he gets into, then you should read the entire book online.