Top 4 Cycling Accessories from Rockbros

Top 4 Cycling Accessories from Rockbros

Do you enjoy cycling too? In recent years, people are getting more and more conscious about global warming and eco-friendly ways of traveling. Due to this reason, there has been an upsurge in the sale and purchase of bicycles around the globe. But the only downside of bicycles is that they are not very spacious and luxurious. This is why rockbros have taken on this duty to make cycling fun and convenient.

Rockbros is greatly known for manufacturing high-quality and innovative bicycle accessories. Some of their best-sellers are listed in this article. So, if you’re looking to modify your bicycle, too, stay with us till the end and choose the one you think is the most practical accessory for you.

Top 4 Cycling Accessories That Rockbros Offer

Front Bicycle Bag

These multi-purpose bicycle bags come in two series, namely, the greenway series and the wilderness series. The former is made up of high-quality nylon and is very lightweight, about 170grams. It is bigger in dimensions than the wilderness series and comes with a waterproof rain cover.

The bag featuring the wilderness series is made of composite oxford cloth. It weighs 210 grams and comes with a laminated waterproof zipper. Both these bags are very durable and use scratch-proof and shock-proof technology. Although it's compact, it has a high storage capacity, and because of the long straps, it could also be used as a shoulder backpack. It's portable and easy to install.

Wireless Bike Tail Light

Since riding a bicycle is dangerous to some extent, especially at night, rockbros present you with a protective bike accessory. This USB charging tail light can be attached to the back of the seat. Since it's adjustable, you can set it at any angle. It comes with wireless remote steering that is attached to the front handlebars and has several buttons on it. Different buttons will command the tail light to do different things. You can turn the laser lights on as well as give right and left indicators too. The tail lights also project lasers on the ground for safety.

Anti-Theft Fingerprint Bicycle Lock

Since most bicycles do not have a safety lock or even a weak safety lock which could be broken easily. Try this anti-theft fingerprint lock which is made up of aluminum alloy covered with silica gel. The outer material is composed of zinc alloy and ABS. The base of the lock has a fingerprint that uses ultra-sensitive technology and recognizes the print in mere 0.20 seconds. You only have to charge it once in 3 months, and it also comes with an emergency key for unusual circumstances.

Half-Lock Pedals for The Bike

Pedals are one of the essential accessories which help the bike move forward. Low-quality pedals are useless and impractical and don't provide the convenience needed by a rider. High-quality pedals are produced by Rockbros which are made up of chromium molybdenum steel; an aluminum alloy dust cover is coated onto them so that they remain in good condition for a long time. These pedals will give you the option of lock and flat pedals, both making them multi-purpose. For this reason, they come with matching lock pieces.

The Bottom line

Apart from these above-stated accessories, Rockbros have a large collection of other, more convenient, and high-quality bike accessories. They do not compromise on the quality so that the biker can experience a great ride. They try to come up with innovative ideas that will further enhance the space and safety of the bike.